A Little About Me….

I am a freelance screenwriter/ independent actress, and co-owner of Sen3 Productions. I graduated culinary school in 2000 with a Pastry Arts degree, and was incredibly humbled upon realizing that at the end of the day; I hadn’t learned diddly!

I am a firm believer in honing your skills through practice and real experience, as opposed to relying on a degree. I find that those I look up to the most are self-taught, and truly some of the most talented people I know. Although I left school with a better understanding of the basics, it was through trial and error that I learned the most. While a well prepared pastry is truly a thing of beauty, I must admit it’s the savory side of life I adore the most. I will never call myself a chef; those are the kinds of stripes that are painstakingly earned. Nor will you ever catch me using the term “foodie”, as it makes the displaced hairs on my neck stand on end. I’m a food whore, no shame in the game folks.

Do I love anything more than food? Indeed, movies, the ever loving satisfaction of seeing a good movie, is equal to the gut busting stretch I feel after a good meal. Initially, I had been torn between a food blog, or a movie blog, then I thought, heck, why not do both?

I will thank you ahead of time for your patience, I work fulltime and at a sustainable but far from exceedingly affluent rate, so reviews will fluctuate alongside my financial means. I might also add, I am an aspiring screenwriter/actress, wife, and stepmom. Having said that, my “free time” is somewhat sporadic, which may result in my having to play culinary/cinematic catch up. Such is life.

Welcome to Indie Grub!